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PropTech is the key to…

PropTechs you are in demand! How do you solve concrete problems in the construction and real estate industry? What added value does your solution offer to the construction and real estate industry in terms of ESG? The REAL PropTech Pitches is your chance to create more transparency and to show the established construction and real estate industry how you can solve their problems!

Register now and be part of it!

Registration for english-speaking PropTechsRegistration for english-speaking PropTechs

1. Register by filling out the questionnaire

and support the PropTech Germany Study 2022 by blackprint, brickalize! & TH Aschaffenburg!

2. Bring PropTech into the Guinness Book of Records

and let’s set the world record together for the largest pitch-event!

3. Convince participants and jury with your pitch video

and show the established construction and real estate world what solutions you have to offer!

4. You have the chance to become PropTech Germany Award winner

and be there live at the gala on March 10 for the award ceremony!

How do you participate as a PropTech?

To participate, fill out the survey behind the link. Filling out the survey takes about 15 minutes. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation that you and your PropTech are logged in for the event. Participation in the REAL PropTech Pitches is completely free of charge for PropTechs.
What is the purpose of this survey? The survey is divided into 4 sections: basic information, products, market experience and set-up of your company. With selected answers of the survey, which are marked with #rpp, we will fill your digital PropTech profile on the digital event platform talque. You will also support the 3rd edition of the PropTech Germany study by blackprint, TH Aschaffenburg and brickalize! for which some data will be used anonymously. Our mission is to connect PropTechs with exciting corporates and investors. This is what you enable us to do with your information in the context of our tech scouting. We therefore invite you to fill out the survey so that we can include you in our database.
After your registration we will provide you with details about the event and the PropTech Germany Award, the requirements for your pitch as well as your further options.

Register now and join the event!

Registration for english-speaking PropTechsRegistration for english-speaking PropTechs
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